Cardiac Operations for Children.
Beni Suef

Last Friday, April 2, 2021, Dr. Amal El-Sisi and the Children's Cardiac Operations Team visited Beni Suef Governorate and performed several cardiac surgical procedures for children from the age of one year under the leadership of the Rotary Club of Tahrir and with the participation of 20 Rotary clubs in the Rotary District 2451 and many friendly Rotary clubs outside the country.

The Saqara Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Beni Suef and the Rotary Sphinx Club all participated in addition to many other clubs all participated in attending and caring for the children.

Fathers and mothers were present with the children, and often grandfathers and the grandmothers too all  seeking reassurance of the child's good health and successful treatment

It is worth noting the presence of many medical cases from Beni Suef Governorate and also from
Neighboring governorates

The children’s heart operations lasted from ten in the morning until six in the evening, over eight hours

Professor Amal El-Sisi, Professor of Cardiology for Children, is assisted by a distinguished team of young people, the finest doctors in Beni Suef, and many doctors from Cairo.

Parents' hearts turn to the Almighty Creator to heal their children

And they felt a lot of gratitude  to those who healed the hearts of their children

In the evening, the Rotary Club of Beni Suef and its honorable members held a dinner party in front of the wonderful Beni Suef Nile, invited Professor Amal El-Sisi and invited representatives of associate Rotary club. With best wishes for the full health and wellness of all children they coordinated for the next stage and the preparation for cardiac operations for children in other governorates 

Interview with Dr. Amal El-Sisi

Heart2Heart dinner party on 31st March in Conrad hotel 

The Rotary Club of Tahrir, headed by Dr. Amal El-Sisi, held a special celebration regarding the “Heart to Heart” project yesterday evening, Thursday, at the Conrad Hotel in Cairo, on the occasion of treating 100 poor children suffering from congenital heart defects, using the modern technology of interventional catheterization in the governorates of Upper Egypt, Sohag, Assiut and Bani. Suef is in addition to Cairo, believing that if a person chooses between the one he loves and the one who cares for him, he will choose the one who captures him with his attention.

As Dr. Amal El-Sisi, Professor of Pediatrics and Cardiology at Cairo University and the current president of the Rotary Club of Tahrir said, “Heart to Heart” treats children who are unable to afford the costs of treating various congenital heart diseases such as perforation or stenosis in the valve or arteries, or myocarditis, and these are treated Cases by interventional catheterization such as closing the hole or widening the narrowing with balloon catheters without intensive care without wound or pain and the child is discharged on the same day from the hospital.

During a ceremony held by the Tahrir Rotary Club, she reviewed the club's efforts in treating children in the various governorates that were chosen to ensure the treatment of children who are unable to provide their treatment in the governorates of "Sohag, Assiut, Beni Suef, Cairo, and Alexandria", noting that the club will expand to treat Many unable children in different governorates during the coming period.

Dr. Amal El-Sisi and a group of members of the various Rotary clubs in the governorates of Egypt, who made great efforts in treating many children suffering from heart diseases in various governorates of Egypt, were honored. It is worth mentioning that the “Heart to Heart” project is funded by local Rotary clubs on top. Rotary club editorial and cosmopolitan from 7 countries in the presence of international Rotarians from Austria, the main financier, Britain and America.

Procedures done in Alexandria


My Dear Donors,
First I would like to thank you all for your generous contributions to help poor children with congenital heart defects.
I would like to thank all medical staff who are volunteering their time and expertise to help children with heart conditions in remote areas of Egypt like Upper Egypt (Sohag and Assiut and Beni Suef).
Unfortunately economic status in Egypt is getting worse and worse first hit by the Covid pandemic for two years followed by the Ukraine disaster. The Egyptian pound has been further devaluated by 25% so that people are getting poorer and poorer. Almost 30% of the poplulation earn less than one USD a day according the World Bank reports on Egypt.
The funds from yourselves are helping those poor children as the government can not cope with the needs. Help from NGO and society members is mandatory. GlobalGiving donations are added to Heart to Heart project Global Grant funds from Rotary International and Rotary clubs reaching 92.8K USD. We aim to treat 33-36 patients with these funds with average cost around 2600-2800 USD per patient.
We have operated so far on 11 patients in Sohag 600 km south of Cairo and 6 patients in Beni Suef 150 Km south of Cairo. These two Governorates are considered the poorest in Egypt. We have also operated on 5 cases in Alexandria 300 Km north of Cairo (Total 22 cases so far). We aim also to train local doctors, nurses and technicians TO ENSURE SUSTAINABILITY. We did noninvasive catheter procedures succssfully to close holes in the heart and small congenital vessels, stent narrow arteries or veins and balloon dilate valves that are stenotic. The consumables eg (devices, balloons stents ... etc) are extremely expensive and consume 80% of the budget allocated to each patient averaging 2200 USD per device. The rest is paid to the hospital as fees. All doctors are volunteers. The advantages of such state of the art technique is that patients go home the next day completely cured. No added risk of ICU stay, or blood transfusions and no disfiguring scars.
I would like to attach all the patients data however this is against GlobalGiving reporting policy despite having all relevant consents. Those of you who wish more information on the patients please email me:
We had a very successful visit last March by a team of health professionals from the UK, US and Austria to our Cardiology department. They have seen the huge crowds of sick children waiting for interventions. We organized a fund raising dinner event and raised more donations amounting to 14K USD we started work in Assiut which is 400 Km south of Cairo and we treated 6 children with congenital heart defects.
I hope the year 2022 brings more donations and more happiness to children with heart defects and their families. The Government of Egypt is still incapable of funding all the operations needed.
Please continue to donate, your donations are mandatory.
Dr Amal El-Sisi
Prof of Pediatric Cardiology Cairo University

New Procedures in June 2022

Adham Mahmoud Mohamed
Arterial graft / conduit

Aya Mohemed Galab, 5 years
Closure of arterial graft

Sohag University Hospital performs 8 free cardiac catheterization operations for children

Sohag University Hospital received Dr. Amal El-Sisi, Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at Cairo University and Head of Intensive Care for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery at Abu El-Rish Hospital.
Dr. Ahmed Aziz Abdel Moneim, President of the University, said that the university is keen to host experts in the medical field in order to exchange experiences among young doctors, and to provide medical and therapeutic services to serve the people of Upper Egypt, to save the trouble of travel and psychological fatigue for patients and their families, thanking Dr. Amal El-Sisi for her presence and keenness. To participate and supervise these delicate operations, which contributed to saving the lives of many children and redrawn the smile on the faces of the parents.
Dr. Osama Rashad Al-Sharif, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine, added that these operations were performed free of charge, in support of the Rotary Clubs and some charitable donors to the patients of the Pediatric Department at the university. The total cost of these operations is 250 thousand pounds, equivalent to 40 thousand pounds per operation.
Dr. Hamdi Saad, Executive Director of the hospital, explained that 4 therapeutic catheterization operations were performed to close the hole between the ventricles and 3 operations to close the hole between the atria, and another complex operation was performed to close the hole between the ventricles and another one between the atria.
Dr. Mustafa Abu Sedira, Head of the Pediatric Department, said:
These operations were carried out over the course of one day, with the participation of a team of pediatric cardiologists led by Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Al, founder of the unit, Dr. Safa Hussein Rashwan, professor of pediatric cardiology and dynamo of the unit, Dr. Mohamed Mofeed Fawaz, professor of pediatric cardiology, and Dr. Yasmine Abu Zaid. Dr. Somaya Sabri are assistant teachers, Moataz Mohamed and Marina Kenzi are resident doctors in the unit, and the team of anesthesiologists, technicians and nursing.

9 interventional catheter operations was successfully completed during August 2022

The Heart to Heart Global Grand project, a Rotary editorial project, was led by Prof. Dr. El-Sisi hoped to successfully perform nine interventional catheterization operations, five in Beni Suef and four in Cairo, and thus 35 catheterization operations were completed for children suffering from perforation or narrowing of the heart valve, and thanks to God, all of them were cured.

The operations were carried out in Sohag, Alexandria, Beni Suefou, Cairo. The Heart to Heart project trained the nursing staff in the intensive care departments of the hospitals that hosted the catheterization procedure.

With this achievement, the third phase of the Hart-Tohart project will be completed completely and with unprecedented success, thank God.


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